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Been meaning to post this: In the course of writing some long, rambly book reviews, I decided to throw together this list of what Warhammer books I’ve actually read. I tend to forget under the general weight of spoilers and fanfic and books I checked out from the library then returned without reading and whatever else goes on in my head. Not going to bother counting short stories either.

The colour coding: blue--skimmed (but read most of the main parts of the book) and green--started but stopped midway through for whatever reason.


Dark Imperium
Fear the Alien

Black Legion
The Talon of Horus


Ciaphas Cain
For the Emperor
Caves of Ice
The Traitor’s Hand
Death or Glory
Duty Calls
Cain’s Last Stand
The Emperor’s Finest
The Last Ditch
The Greater Good

<3 My favourite. I can’t wait until a third omnibus comes out.

It probably says a lot about me, and about my dissatisfaction with a lot of 40k stuff overall, that this series was the first I read before I started to branch out. I’m not really into the grimdark. I’m aware that the problem is with me and my expectations, because that’s most of what this series is about. I got into 40k because of reading crossover fanfics emphasising the crazyawesome, then I started reading Sandy Mitchell. That’s what I like. I don’t even care if that’s not the audience most writers are catering to, because at least one is.

Dark Heresy
Source the Heretic
Innocence Proves Nothing

It’s not Cain, but I like it well enough. At one point a little a old lady came over to me in a restaurant to tell me how nice it was I was enjoying my book so much, and I don’t even think there was an underhanded insult there though I was listening for it, after I’d started to laugh aloud as I was suddenly reminded by some line or the other that while this was much lighter on the comedy, it was still being written by Sandy Mitchell.


Eisenhorn you are so cute! These are my feels! I love everyone for that matter. I’m very hit or miss with Abnett, but when I like him, I absolute adore him.

Horus Heresy
Horus Rising
False Gods
Galaxy in Flame
Flight of the Eisenstein
Descent of Angels

Battle for the Abyss
Tales of Heresy
Fallen Angels
A Thousand Sons
The First Heretic
Age of Darkness
Deliverance Lost
Know No Fear
The Primarchs
Shadows of Treachery
Angel Exterminatus
Vulkan Lives
The Unremembered Empire

I’m in the process of writing some very long reviews of some of these. The tl;dr version: I am very hit or miss about Heresy novels, and even the one I think are very well written, I didn’t actually enjoy reading for the most part. Still meaning to finish up Shadows of Treachery sometime and read Mark of Calth.

Night Lords
Soul Hunter
Blood Reaver

Lord of the Night

The omnibus is out, I own it, but honestly every time I think about it, reading the rest of these books is too emotionally draining to contemplate.

Path of the Eldar
Path of the Warrior

Not bad, but somewhat so-so. I didn’t like most of the major characters, the plot didn’t interest me that much even between the plot holes, and I’m neither a huge Eldar fangirl to begin with nor particularly impressed by the worldbuilding herein. It’s not very xeno-y xenofic. I might read the other two books someday if I happen to come across them at a library or used-book store, but I’m not going to go out of my way, let’s just say.

Ravenor Returned
Ravenor Rogue

Good, but I didn’t like them as much as the Eisenhorn trilogy. A bit too much of the gritty sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll comparatively (I know that’s not actually the name of a genre, but it’s the only way I can think of to describe the feel of the difference between the two trilogies). The only characters I really liked were Ravenor himself, Maud, and Carl Thonius. The things you know.

On the other hand, the omnibus is so shiny, it draws my eyes across my shelves and sometimes I don’t even get the cover open because I’m too busy staring at it. Then again, I’m the kind of person who can be amused for the rest of the day by a balloon, like a very large cat.

Space Wolves
Space Wolf
Ragnar’s Claw
Grey Hunter
Sons of Fenris
Wolf’s Honour

I picked this omnibus off a shelf off random to read something beyond my Ciaphas Cain, and I happy I did. Most other things I might have chosen would have turned me off to this series from the grimdark. For 40k, these are light adventure/action stories and I’m just fine with that. Not comedic, but not heavy, complicated, or depressing. Torin, you are amazing, with your moustache, and there should be more Sven.

I've seen the new modern Space Wolves things and I keep staring longingly at Blood of Asaheim, but I have not read it beyond the back-cover and probably won't any time soon, until it's at least in paperback.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Gotrek & Felix

I’m not particularly into Fantasy Battle, but I happened to pick up the first Gotrek and Felix omnibus one day because I liked William King’s Space Wolves stuff, so I’m slowly making my way through it. It reminds me a lot of some of some 40k fanfic I’m writing with a sidekick narrator following around this hero. I’m glad I started writing those stories long before reading this.

Couple other books I have copies of but haven’t gotten around to reading, like some Gaunt’s Ghosts stuff. Keep meaning to do that. My last library had a bunch of 40k books, more than I ever got around to reading, but the current city’s has almost nothing. Too bad. Local bookstore, on the other hand, has a ton of Warhammer stuff, if I suddenly needed a book right that moment, no time to wait for my Amazon order to ship, as sometimes happens in life. Still, I have a backlog and if I bought books at the glacial rate I’m currently reading them, it would not strain my budget.

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Now I know for sure what I can talk to you about! ;P

I have a suspicion you won't like Blood of Asaheim if you're not into the grimdark. I haven't read it, but I have read Wraight's other stuff, both fantasy and 40K and he writes dark. But then I'm pretty much the opposite to you - I love the grimdark! Have been meaning to read the Ciaphas Cain stuff for a while, but my god my reading list is loooooooooooong already.

I am amused to see you couldn't finish either of the Dark Angels HH books. I made myself fully read them both, no matter how bloody awful they both were, because I'm a completist, but damn. Kinda weird how one of my favourite pairings comes straight from them. Meh.



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