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The Historian Mercutian, Night Haunter, Malcharion the War Sage [PG]

I, Cypher Cypher, one-sided Lion el'Jonson/Luther [PG-13]

[Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica crossover] Never Enough Kyubey, Magnus, Mortarion, Lorgar, Angron, Perturabo, Fulgrim, Curze, Horus, the Emperor of Mankind [PG-13]

One Day More OCs, some appearances/mentions of Leman Russ, Magnus, Angron, Maloghurst the Twisted, Horus, Fabius Bile, Siress Callidus, and Sire Culexus [PG-13]

Patterns of Fate Talon, By Candles Crimson Eisenhorn/Ravenor, Eisenhorn/OFC [R]

Unicorns and Other Mythological Creatures one-sided Leman Russ/everyone, Guilliman, Dorn, Lorgar, one-sided Lion/Luther, Corax, Mortarion, Magnus/OFC, Khan/OFC, Vulkan/OFC, Angron, Alpharius Omegon, Lucius, Ferrus Mannus/Fulgrim, Konrad Curze/Dorn, Loken, Aximand, Torgaddon, Horus/Sanguinius, Perturabo, Russ/OFC [PG-13]

Reach Out, Hold Back Konrad Curze/Dorn [R]

In Chains Lorgar/Guilliman [R]

Between Russ ♣ Joannina Belisarius (OC) ♣ Magnus (with quadrant vacillation into Russ ♠ Magnus and Russ ♥ Joannina) [R]

Dot and Zoe, book 1 excerpt Dot/Zoe, Valtyr, Isolfr [PG-13]

Dot and Zoe: Zoe's time travel fanfic, arc 1 excerpt Dot/Zoe, Kyril Sindermann, Horus [PG-13]

Pit fighting hook-ups unfinished snippet Sigismund/Kharn/Sevatar [PG-13]

All This and Heaven Too Guilliman/Thiel, Curze/Sevatar, Russ/Bulveye, Alpharius/Alpharius/Omegon, Magnus/Ahriman, Horus/Sejanus, Sigismund/Dorn, Luther/Lion, Sanguinius/Azkaellon, Vulkan/Numeon [NC-17]

The Sound of Wings Sevatar/various Atramentar, Sevatar/Rushal, Curze/Sevatar [NC-17]

snippet from absurdfact's No Nails AU Curze/Guilliman [NC-17]

Know No Fear Daemon Prince!Guilliman AU kinkmeme fill / Hamartia (cross-post) Horus/Guilliman [NC-17]

Granddaughters AU PWP Sevatar/Andronika/Sigismund, implied Dorn/Sigismund and Curze/Sevatar [NC-17]

Primarchs genderswap speculation / AOOO cross-post

The Justice of the Gods part three Cyrene/Erebus, Erebus/Argel Tal, implied Cyrene/Argel Tal, Kitten AU [R]

No Nails AU Sevatar/Thiel outline and shower-sex PWP Sevatar/Thiel, background Guilliman/Curze [NC-17]

Great Crusade Chaos speculation

WIP excerpts Dorn/Sigismund; Horus/Russ, Guilliman/Lorgar, Horus/Corax; No Nails Night Haunter/Guilliman; No Nails Magnus/Curze/Guilliman; No Nails Angron; Dot [PG--R]

Prompt fics Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Bjorn; Sejanus/Loken, Torgaddon, Aximand, Abaddon; Ferrus/Fulgrim; No Nails Guilliman/Curze; Ferrus/Fulgrim; Kharn/Sigismund [PG--R]

genderswapped snippet from absurdfact's No Nails AU fem!Guilliman/fem!Curze [NC-17]

Alastor Rushal Stockholm Syndrome fic / Only This and Nothing More (cross-post) Sevatar/Rushal [NC-17]

Sola Gratia Dorn/Sigismund, mention of other pairings [NC-17]

The Brightest Heaven of Invention Guilliman/Sanguinius, mention of Horus/Sanguinius [NC-17]

New York rom-com single parent politics AU Erebus, Argel Tal, background Erebus/Horus, Horus/Sanguinius, Argel Tal/Cyrene, Kharn/Lotara, and various other characters [PG-13]

No Nails AU peace talks response Horus, Guilliman/Curze [PG]

Character preference answers: Russ, Angron, Guilliman and Curze, Mortarion, Eisenhorn, Ravenor, and Cain, Sevatar, Argel Tal and Erebus, Lorgar, Dorn, Perturabo, The Emperor

No Nails AU, Guilliman and Angron send out invitations to the treason party Angron, Guilliman, Curze, Vulkan, Magnus [PG]

Vulkan Lives liveblogging

The Heart is Hard to Translate Guilliman/all the other primarchs [R]
Guilliman/Perturabo/Corax sequel, drawing from various sequel/missing-scene fics written by my friends, see links in the AOOO post [NC-17]

The Unremembered Empire liveblogging

No Nails AU, post-assassination Thiel/Sevatar comfort and strategy [PG-13]

six WIPs [mostly NC-17]
the bonobos/sex pollen fic: Horus/Russ, Guilliman/Lorgar, Perturabo/Dorn, Angron/Lion, Horus/Corax
No Nails AU Magnus/Curze/Guilliman magical sexual healing
No Nails AU Angron fairytale/A Song of Ice and Fire crossover
fem!Russ origin story and meeting Magnus / AOOO cross-post
fem!Sigismund/Sevatar / AOOO cross-post

No Nails AU, Assassin OC fic Siress Callidus, Curze [PG-13]

A Second Eden Lion/Guilliman, background Dantioch/Polux [R]

Mournival OT4 / AOOO cross-post Abaddon/Torgaddon/Aximand/Loken, most specifically Abaddon/Loken [NC-17]

Fight or Flight Dorn/Curze, Fulgrim [R]

No Nails AU, Sevatar has a bad dream snippet Sevatar/Thiel [PG]

Paradise Regained Dark Angels jail-break fic snippet Cypher/Senna, Luther/Lion [NC-17]

Psyker sex WIPs [NC-17]
Magnus/Ahzek Ahriman/Ohrmuzd Ahriman No Nails PWP
The Emperor perving on Horus/Sanguinius, mention of Emperor/Amon Tauromachian and discussed Emperor/Horus

Leman Russ meta

Pack Hierarchy Emperor/Russ [R]

Exorcism AU, Fulgrim thinks about Ferrus Fulgrim/Ferrus [PG-13]

Silk and Steel Perturabo/Fulgrim, past Fulgrim/Ferrus [R]

A Love Like Blood No Nails AU Sevatar/Thiel, background Sevatar/Tovac Tor, Guilliman/Curze, and Malcharion/Vandred [NC-17]

A Softer Heresy words from A Softer World, art by other people, editing by me
17, 687, 1034, 1022, 48, 349, 1018, 44, 138, 1020, 978, 964, 882, 671, 997, 939, 864, 594, 862, 664, 827, 957, 891, 357, 816, 718, 706, 631, 568, 560, 549, 489, 450, 437, 142, 9, 129, 73, 975, 294, 958, 830, 871, 822, 835, 921, 714, 533, 582, 752, 309, 497, 395, 517, 1001, 528, 90, 970, 40, 479, 738, 188, 133, 124, 504, 647, 626, 314, 949, 23, 408, 601, 61, 762, 781

Style without Substance Vulkan Lives meta (tl;dr version, some discussion about Russ)

Orbital Bombardment II Galactic porn industry AU, Emperor, Malcador, Fulgrim/Ferrus, Curze/Corax/Lorgar [R]

Nasturi Ephrenia meta from Deliverance Lost

Space Marine t-shirts and more of them, Sons of Medusa

Sons of Molnar fan Chapter meta [PG-13]

I complain about remembrancers

A Thorn in My Side Galactic porn industry AU, Russ/Lion [R]

Primarch-stuck mythological roles, already outdated

Out of the Rain Russ/Perturabo, Forrix [NC-17]

The Lion's Den The Brightest Idea orgy AU, Russ/Lion, Guilliman/Lion [R]

Sister Anya the crypto-Jew, first two scenes [PG]

a rant about Adepta Sororitas and feminism and lack thereof

One Size Doesn't Fit All explanation post for the Imperial Consort!Russ AU, Emperor/Russ, bit of Russ/Angron [PG]

Joannina Belisarius OC explanation post Russ/Joannina [PG]

Collection of snippets from Imperial Consort Russ AU Emperor/Russ, Horus being scarred for life, Malcador being annoyed, Guilliman being even more annoyed at Lorgar, Angron/Russ [PG-13]

Dyslexic Space Marine drabble OCs [PG-13]

The Free Companies fan-Chapter explanation post

Nothing Short of Miraculous angsty Sigismund sequel Sigismund/Loken/Torgaddon, Dorn [PG-13]

My Gay Werewolf Pirate Lover, chapter 2 Russ/Lion, pirate romance novel AU [PG-13]

Lie Back and Think of Terminator Armour Galactic porn industry AU, Horus/Dorn, Dorn/OMCs and OFCs, Russ/Dorn, Perturabo/Dorn/Curze, Dorn/Sigismund [NC-17]

Chaos Wins AU and the traitors keep Dorn as a pet / Always Further to Fall (cross-post), Horus/Sigismund, Dorn/Sigismund, off-screen Perturabo/Dorn and Horus/Dorn [NC-17]

Curze in Imperial Consort Russ AU

Dot and Zoe, Grandma Dot excerpt Dot, Annika, Hrafn [PG]

Waiting Until Graduation / AOOO cross-post Professor!Dorn/Student!Sigismund [PG]

Nail Art: Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, World Eaters

No Nails Sevatar/Thiel relationship meme [R]

Stones Taught Me to Fly No Nails Sevatar/Thiel, between Terra and the wedding [NC-17]

Leman Russ in No Nails AU meta

Here the River Brought You primarchs home-world swap, Roboute of Fenris, Perturabo of Barbarus, Konrad of Nuceria, Vulkan Kurganson, Leman el'Jonson, Mortarion Garza, Sanguinius of Trujillo, Lion of Olympia [PG-13]

additional homeworld swap headcanons

The Inhumanity of Space Marines meta

Fantasy-steampunk AU Mulan Dorn/fem!Sigismund [PG-13]

some OCs of mine, Sister-Hospitaller Rufaidah Bani, Sister Phoebe Dorcas, Brother-Apothecary Gerald “Gerri” Seacole, Rune Priest Charon

Molten Gold / AOOO cross-post Curze/Sevatar [R]

Abaddon’s Little Black Book vol. 3+1 co-written with sirithy, Dorn/Sevatar, Sevatar/Sigismund, Dorn/Sigismund, background Abaddon/Sigismund, Curze/Sevatar, and Dorn/Curze [NC-17]

Honesty Dorn/Sevatar, background Dorn/Sigismund, Curze/Sevatar, and Sevatar/Sigismund [NC-17]

Awkward Conversations / AOOO cross-post Dorn/Sigismund, Kharn/Sigismund [R]

Marooned Together with Sex Pollen Dorn/Sevatar, background Curze/Sevatar and Sevatar/Sigismund [NC-17]

Harem AU / AOOO cross-post Dorn/Sigismund, Curze/Sevatar, mention of Horus/Abaddon, Ferrus/Gabriel Santor, Fulgrim/Julius Kaesoron, and Russ/Bulveye [NC-17]

more Harem AU meta and more and more

In Which Monarchia Does Not Happen Imperial Consort Russ AU, Emperor/Russ, Lorgar [R]

Moments from The Life and Times of Aeonid Thiel, Equerry to Primarch Guilliman (now Daemon Prince of the Realm of Ultramar), Hero of Calth (but not fast enough), Traitor to the Imperium, and quite possibly Only Sane Man Left / AOOO cross-post Guilliman/Thiel, Guilliman/Gage, mention of Horus/Guilliman [R]

Guilliman and his mother and their reunion / AOOO cross-post Daemon Prince Guilliman AU, Euten, Guilliman, background Guilliman/Thiel [PG]

The Battle of Macragge, First Tyrannic Wars / AOOO cross-post Daemon Prince Guilliman AU, Calgar, Tigurius, Cassius, Guilliman [PG-13]

40k-era Daemon Prince Guilliman AU meta / AOOO cross-post

Primarchs and compassion discussion

Black Wolves fan Chapter meta

Perturabo eavesdropping on Forrix’s wet-dreams / AOOO cross-post Harem AU, one-sided Forrix/Perturabo, Forrix/Dantioch, Magnus/Ahriman, Dorn/Sigismund, Sanguinius/Raldoron/Azkaellon, Guilliman/OMC [R]

a whole bunch of my OC's

more PWP co-written with sirithy, Dorn/Sevatar [NC-17]

Warhammer 40k art + tumblr text posts: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9

Unremembered Empire missing scene - drinking / Wolf Therapy (cross-post) Guilliman/Faffnr [R]

post-Unremembered Empire wolf-harem fic / Wolf Therapy (cross-post) Lion/Faffnr/his whole Space Wolves pack/Guilliman [R]

Talon of Horus missing scene / Rewiring (cross-post) Khayon/Telemachon [R]

Scouring era hugs and comfort fic / Break for Me (cross-post) Guilliman/Sigismund, background Dorn/Sigismund [NC-17]

discussion of Black Legion hierarchy

Ponytail No Nails AU, Sevatar/Thiel [PG]

weird study abroad dream story [PG]

I won't say I'm in love No Nails AU, Sevatar/Thiel relationship meta [PG]

DVD commentary meme: Unicorns: Khan, homeworld-swap: Sanguinius, Heart is Hard to Translate: Vulkan

MTF Space Wolf/Thousand Sons OCs meta Brynhildr/Miranda [PG]

Vividly Picturing Russ/Dorn/Guilliman [NC-17]

Capernoited Magnus, Russ [PG]

Concilliabule Russ/Curze [PG]

Agelast one-sided Luther/Lion [PG]

Omega Wolf Leman AU Russ/Bulveye, Russ/a lot of people, Thengir/his wife, the Emperor [PG]

Mamihlapinatapei, Wanweird Russ/Magnus [PG]

Apodyopis Russ/Bjorn [PG-13]

Duende Emperor/Russ [PG-13]

Lygerastia Russ/Curze [R]

Asexual valentines: Imperial, Chaos

Black Templar Initiate/Neophyte background Dorn/Sigismund [PG]

Sigismund gets around Galactic porn industry AU, Dorn/Sigismund, Sanguinius/Sigismund, Fulgrim/Sigismund, Ferrus/Sigismund, Russ/Sigismund, Lorgar/Sigismund, Khan/Sigismund, Guilliman/Sigismund, Vulkan/Sigismund, Horus/Sigismund [NC-17]

Rent Boy Russ AU Russ/all the other primarchs [R]

LGBT Space Marine minis: Part One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

Horus Rising reread meta

Ishtar Heresy: Ishtar Rising: a genderswapped edit of Horus Rising

Join Me, Save Me Chaos Wins AU, Horus, Guilliman, Lorgar [PG]

Master of Mankind rant meta

Ishtar Heresy: Know No Fear: a genderswapped edit of Know No Fear

Ishtar Heresy: Shadows of Treachery: a genderswapped edit of Shadows of Treachery

Ishtar Heresy: The Unremembered Empire: a genderswapped edit of The Unremembered Empire

Ishtar Heresy: Descent of Angels: a genderswapped edit of Descent of Angels

miscellaneous comments from rereading the various books used in the Ishtar Heresy

Unrequited Longing Lion/Luther [PG-13] / AOOO cross-post

Reunion Lion/Luther, Russ/Bjorn, M45 era [PG]

Demon Summoning Daemon Prince Guilliman AU, Guilliman/Thiel [PG-13] / AOOO cross-post

Old Friend Daemon Prince Guilliman AU, Marneus Calgar/Pele (OC), WIP [PG] / AOOO cross-post

Accomodation Daemon Prince Guilliman AU, Iron Warrior OCs, OMC/OMC, OMC/OFC [R] / AOOO cross-post

Lion and Luther meet homeworld swap AU, Leman/Luther, Leman/Lion, hints of Leman/Luther/Lion [PG-13]

Pretending to be Human Russ [PG]

Carefully No Nails AU, Mortarion/Shyama (OFC), WIP [R]

Braids genderswap AU, fem!Lion/fem!Luther, fem!Guilliman [PG] / AOOO cross-post

Atramentar POV No Nails AU, Sevatar/Thiel, background Sevatar/OMCs [PG-13]

Embarassing homeworld swap AU, Leman/Luther, Zahariel [PG-13]

Good People No Nails AU, Sevatar/Thiel [PG-13]

Weaving Fate genderswap AU, fem!Russ, fem!Magnus [PG] / AOOO cross-post

Sinus Massage No Nails AU, Sevatar/Thiel [PG]

Space Wolf/Imperial Guard group sex OMC/OMCs, Dot/Zoe [R] / AOOO cross-post

Reports of My Death Guilliman/Thiel [PG]

Overhearing one-sided Lion/Luther, Luther/OFC [R] / AOOO cross-post

[Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica crossover] No Matter How Many Homura/Horus, other background characters [PG-13] / AOOO cross-post

Same Person No Nails AU, Guilliman/Curze [PG-13]

Husbands and Wives genderswap AU, fem!Lion/Luther [PG] / AOOO cross-post

Interference Guilliman/Dorn, Guilliman/Sigismund, Dorn/Sigismund [PG-13] / AOOO cross-post

Anna Rose Lion/Luther/Fyona, Lyssa [R] / AOOO cross-post

Wolf Therapy with Russ Guilliman/Russ/Faffnr+his pack, WIP [R] / AOOO cross-post

Psychic Troubles No Nails AU, Sevatar/Thiel [PG-13]

Surrender Magnus, Russ, Joannina [PG-13] / AOOO cross-post

Choice This Time Around A/B/O AU, alpha!Guilliman/beta!Thiel, background alpha!Guilliman/omega!Lorgar [NC-17] / AOOO cross-post

Comfort in the Siege Khan/Dorn/Sanguinius [R]

Vacation No Nails AU, Sevatar/Thiel [PG-13]

Morning After The Brightest Idea orgy AU, Russ/Lion, Russ/Guilliman, background Guilliman/Lorgar, WIP [R]

Flirting Imperial Consort Russ AU, Emperor/Russ/Dorn, WIP [PG-13]

KnF Spanking Guilliman/Thiel [NC-17] / AOOO cross-post

Female Space Marines Daemon Prince Guilliman AU, OFCs, Thiel [PG] / AOOO cross-post

Bruises Easily genderswap AU, fem!Dorn/fem!Sigismund, background fem!Horus/fem!Loken, WIP [NC-17] / AOOO cross-post

Grandmother Daemon Prince Guilliman AU, Thiel, Euten, background Guilliman/Thiel [PG] / AOOO cross-post

WIP excerpts Guilliman/Lorgar; Russ/Curze; Dorn/Sevatar, Dorn/Sigismund, Curze/Sevatar; Angron/Russ, Brightest Idea AU; fem!Emperor/Russ, Consort AU; Dorn/Sigismund; Perturabo/Sigismund, Porn Industry AU; Lion/Curze; Guilliman, Porn Industry AU [PG--R]
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