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Dec. 30th, 2020 12:00 am
Imported from lj, so I suggest using the tags to get to the dreamwidth versions of the fandom-specific link pages, since I can't be bothered to redo all the links.

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Doctor Who
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Final Fantasy VII, also Kingdom Hearts
sectional link

FullMetal Alchemist
sectional link

sectional link

Le Chevalier d'Eon
sectional link

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Sailor Moon
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Star Trek
sectional link

Vampires: the Masquerade
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Warhammer 40,000
sectional link

[Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai] Abenobashi Game Show Arcade Sasshi, Arumi, Papa, Aki, Mune-Mune, Sayaka, Kouhei [PG]

[Ao no Exorcist] Avoidance Yukio, Rin, Mephisto, mention of Shura and Fujiwara, hints of Yukio/Shura and Yukio/Rin [PG-13]

[Axis Powers Hetalia] Ether Bait Taiwan/Japan [G]

[Buffy the Vampire Slayer] Something Old Buffy/Spike, Giles [PG]

[Digimon Tamers] Staying Yamaki/Reika [R]

[Dragonlance/My Little Pony crossover] Legend of the Ponies Twilight Sparkle as Raistlin, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Spike, Princess Celestria, Denubis [PG]

[Durarara] Real Friends Shinra/Izaya, Celty [PG-13]

[Durarara] We're All Friends Here Mikado, Izaya, Celty, Anri, hints of Mikado/Kida/Anri [PG-13]

[Harry Potter] Goat Ariana, Aberforth, a goat, Albus/Gellert [PG-13]

[Hayate no Gotoku] Freedom Hayate [PG]

[His Dark Materials] Bow to None Asriel/Mrs. Coulter [PG]

[Homestuck] Candlelit Snowman♠Spades Slick, Trace [PG-13]

[Legend of Zelda] In His Skin Sheik!Zelda/Link, mention of Sheik/OFC [PG]

[Mahou Sensei Negima] Pity one-sided Evangeline/Nagi, in the background: Rakan, Negi, Nagi/Arika [PG]

[Matrix/Equilibrium crossover] Morning John Preston/Morpheus [PG-13]

[Pokemon] In Her Image Touko/N, Touko/Bianca/Cheren, Cheren/Alder, the chum's parents, Ghetsis [PG-13]

[Pokemon] Best Enemies Touya/N, some Litwick [PG-13]

[Rose of the Prophet] Last Night Mathew/Auda ibn Jad, off-screen one-sided Mathew/Khardan, one-sided ibn Jad/Zohra, tsundere Khardan/Zohra [PG-13]

[Star Wars] Psychic Bond Zekk/Jag/Kyp [PG-13]

[To Aru Majutsu no Index] Maturation Accelerator/Last Order [PG-13]

[Valhalla] Alive Balder/Varg [PG-13]

[Valkyria Chronicles] Xanatos Jaeger/Selvaria/Maximilian, Jaeger/Alicia, Jaeger/Faldio, Karl/Selvaria [PG-13]


Jul. 26th, 2006 08:39 pm
Blamed entirely on my high school choosing a really bad day for the Drug-Free movie. By the way, "Eleventh Annual" means eleventh year of, not Eleventh Division, assuming this is 2006.

Title: “International Talk like a Pirate Day”
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Eleventh Division, assorted thugs, Kira
Rating: PG
Word Count: 152
Time: 13 minutes
Disclaimer: Bleach not mine.
under cut )
Title: “Lesbian Ninjas”
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Yoruichi, Soi Fong, Tatsuki, mentions of others
Rating: PG
Word Count: 106
Time: 5 minutes
Disclaimer: Bleach not mine.
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I accidently mixed up Tatsuki and Nanao's birthdays, so this is early. And it's a Ichigo hate-fest. Why? Because I hate Ichigo. Tatsuki doesn't. I take full responsibility.

All together one of my worst drabbles. It jumps around, there's no plot or even overall meaning to it. Darn... I like Tatsuki and wanted to do something actually nice for her birthday.

Title: “The Blue Bird No Longer Flies: Lone Fighter”
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Tatsuki
Rating: G
Word Count: 140
Time: 32 minutes
Disclaimer: Bleach not mine.
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I wrote this after I finished my midterm. I think I did pretty well. Stupid art. It was supposed to be Tatsuki/Isshin, but I didn't even try for that, just hints of Tatsuki/Ichigo.

Title: “Parental Support”
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Ichigo, Tatsuki, Isshin, Yuzu, Karin
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Time: 17 minutes
Disclaimer: Bleach not mine. Still.
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Yesterday's drabble never made it. Forty-nine words in I realized I was never going to make a point here and put aside my Matsumoto/Orihime for the moment. Once I actually read the Arrancar stuff in the actual cannon manga/anime (rather than net spoilers) then maybe I'll be able to write their very there, cannon, shojo-ai interaction (according to some people).

Now for today's, trying to be serious:

Title: “Differences”
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Tatsuki, Tousen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 135
Time: 24 minutes
Spoilers: Spoilers for Soul Society arc and some little bits for Arrancar arc
Disclaimer: Bleach not mine.
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