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This is Horus. He's about to turn to Chaos and plunge humanity into ten thousand years of civil war. This could have been prevented if he had a sassy gay friend.

(I find the fact I write this silly Heresy-AU fix-it-fic even more embarrassing than the previous fic that it's a spin-off of.)

Fandom: Warhammer 40k
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mild violence
Word Count: 9014

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#That feeling where you're depressed and think to yourself, Even if I work as hard as I can and really try, I'll still fail because I'm basically not good enough and will never succeed at anything; then you turn out to be totally wrong. (By which I mean, I got all A's.)

Anyway, I will now post the first dozen or so pages of two long-fic WIPs I have, a.k.a. until I get to a scene I haven't written yet. If I let myself think about it too hard, I remember that I find this fic extremely embarrassing, because the basic premise is being a comedy/action series about Warhammer meets real life a planet coincidentally extremely similar to modern Earth, full of nerdy self/people-I-know-inserts. Except Games Workshop doesn't exist. Because it's not quite that meta. Barely.

Fandom: Warhammer 40k
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mild violence
Word Count: 5337

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Spring semester, over. It's been a while since I've been so thoroughly burnt out as I was as of two weeks ago and then there was more and more and I think I had a mental breakdown at some point but I'm really bad at facial expression so no one noticed... Anyway, that's all over now. I'm so glad I have such specific problems that happen, then end, if they're going to happen in the first place.

The point is, I feel like posting some random porn I had lying around. Not going to crosspost this, and normally wouldn't be posting it, because it's *deep breath* a PWP coda of a sidestory of an AU of a fanfic that I am writing. I have made only minimal attempts to explain the setting: in short, the Horus Heresy didn't happen and other things did, among them time travel and killing the Void Dragon and Russ died for a while then got better, it's all complicated.

Title: Between
Fandom: Warhammer 40k
Rating: R
Pairing or Character(s): Russ ♣ Joannina Belisarius (OC) ♣ Magnus (with quadrant vacillation into Russ ♠ Magnus and Russ ♥ Joannina)
Warnings: rough sex, Homestuck references that everyone apparently understands
Word Count: 5377

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