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Title: “Sasuke-Shikamaru”
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Sasuke, Shikamaru/Tayuya, Kakashi
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Sasuke retrieval arc, though it's AU for it
Word Count: 177
Disclaimer: Naruto not mine

“Let me go!”

Shikamaru, predictably, didn’t bother to answer.

“You can’t keep me!”

Shikamaru’s shadow dragged behind him one unconscious prisoner and one complaining one. He was almost willing to reevaluate his stance on the troubles of women as he found he was wishing for Ino or even that Sound girl instead.

Shikamaru spoke once before they reached Leaf. “I hate you.”

* * *

“Did I do it right?” Shikamaru asked Kakashi. “Should I ever be allowed to lead again? I completed the mission, but I failed my comrades.” Chouji dead. Neji dead. Kiba dead. Lee dead. Naruto dead. “I completed the mission. I really am worse than trash.”

Kakashi didn’t answer.

* * *

Shikamaru visited Tayuya everyday. She refused to believe her comrades were dead until Shikamaru cried when he told her his were too.

She raged at him, at his comrades, at her comrades. She never cried. Shikamaru stopped feeling ashamed for his tears.

* * *

He never visited Sasuke, but he watched him silently from afar.

It hadn’t been worth it.

(a/n: I feel bad about having Shikamaru and Tayuya get married in what was supposed to be a Shikamaru/Sasuke fic. Because they did. I just omitted the scene. Shino was best man. I just really can't see romantic Shikamaru/Sasuke, because Shikamaru doesn't like Sasuke and not for UST reasons, for the same reasons I have, so I tend to side with him.)
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